• G-Marlow-_-IMG_2297
    Geoff Marlow, LC
    Principal, Specification Sales

  • S-Deahl-_-IMG_2594
    Scarlet Deahl, CPMR
    Principal, Business Operations

  • R Whaley _ IMG_2613
    Rob Whaley
    Distributor & Contractor Sales, VP – North

  • R Poskevich _ IMG_2741
    Ron Poskevich
    Controls, VP/GM

  • K-Peiffer-_-IMG_2323
    Kalie Peiffer, CPMR
    Operations, VP

  • C-Norton-_-IMG_2558
    Connie Norton
    Project Management & Customer Care, Director

  • Joe-Bailey-_-IMG_2681
    Joe Bailey
    Controls Service, Manager

  • K-Hansen-_-IMG_2362
    Kurt Hansen
    Controls Sales Specialist, Manager

  • L-Braswell-_-IMG_2576
    Lee Braswell
    Quotations, Director – North

  • A-Sims-_-IMG_2406
    Allison Mathis
    Project Management Specialist

  • Austin Spiers
    Austin Spiers
    Quotations Specialist - North

  • B-Leatherwood-_-IMG_2707
    Brandon Leatherwood
    Distributor & Contractor Sales – North

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker
    Quotations Specialist – North

  • Dustin Bailey
    Dustin Bailey
    Controls Service Tech

  • Jake-Bailey-_-IMG_2674
    Jake Bailey
    Controls Service Tech

  • J-Austin-_-IMG_2370
    Jason Austin
    Applications Engineer

  • Jennifer Hinderleider
    Jennifer Hinderleider
    Specification Sales - North

  • Jill Yaracs, LC
    Jill Yaracs, LC
    Specification Sales – North

  • Kyle Grimes, CPMR
    Kyle Grimes, CPMR
    Quotations Specialist – North

  • L-Atkins-_-IMG_2437
    Laine Melgoza
    Customer Care Specialist

  • L-Cerny-_-IMG_2418
    Lynne Cerny
    Office Manager – North

  • M-Doorenros-_-IMG_2684
    Mark Doorenbos
    Controls Service Tech

  • M-Aubrecht-_-IMG_2716
    Morgan Aubrecht
    Distributor & Contractor Sales – North

  • N-Graybill-_-IMG_2337
    Nicole Graybill
    Project Management Specialist

  • Pete Matson
    Pete Matson
    Specification Sales - North

  • R-Parrish-_-IMG_2382
    Randy Parrish
    Senior Specification Sales – North

  • Ronnie Williams
    Ronnie Williams
    Controls Sales Specialist

  • Tim McPipkin
    Tim McPipkin
    Quick Quotes - North & South

  • S-Wood-_-IMG_2701
    Spencer Wood
    Distributor & Contractor Sales – North

  • V-Carey-_-IMG_2352
    Vivian Carey
    National Accounts & Project Management Specialist

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