• Rob Whaley
    Rob Whaley
    Distributor & Contractor Sales, VP – North

  • Ron Poskevich
    Ron Poskevich
    Controls, VP/GM

  • Connie Norton
    Connie Norton
    Project Management & Customer Care, Director

  • Joe Bailey
    Joe Bailey
    Controls Service, Manager

  • Kurt Hansen
    Kurt Hansen
    Controls Sales Specialist, Manager

  • Ben Snow
    Ben Snow
    Sales – South

  • Dustin Bailey
    Dustin Bailey
    Controls Service Tech

  • Jake Bailey
    Jake Bailey
    Controls Service Tech

  • Justin Dennis
    Justin Dennis
    Quotations Specialist – South

  • Mark Doorenbos
    Mark Doorenbos
    Controls Service Tech

  • Matt Shepley
    Matt Shepley
    Sales – South

  • Morgan Aubrecht
    Morgan Aubrecht
    Distributor & Contractor Sales – North

  • Randy Parrish
    Randy Parrish
    Senior Specification Sales – North

  • Ronnie Williams
    Ronnie Williams
    Controls Sales Specialist

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