Controls TeamBenefits of working with our
Controls Team

Benefits of working with our Controls Team

With over 100 years of experience between us, Smart Lighting’s Controls Team is passionate about lighting and lighting controls. We provide a range of services from initial design to annual service to help you maintain top performance throughout the life of your system. We also offer training at our Duluth location or on site to help you get up to speed with all the latest products, design applications, and codes.

    What we do:

  • Design
  • Controls Shop Drawings
  • Start-Up
  • Training
  • Annual Service Plans
  • Digital As-Built
  • Education
  • Industry Leading Products

Pictured: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Canopy; Smart Lighting Controls Service Team

TeamThe Team that fits your needs!

  • R Poskevich _ IMG_2741
    Ron Poskevich
    Controls, VP
  • T-Dockery-_-IMG_2455
    Troy Dockery, CLCP
    Controls Specification Sales
  • K-Hansen-_-IMG_2362
    Kurt Hansen
    Controls Sales Specialist, Manager
  • Controls
    Sean Smith
    Controls Sales Specialist
  • Controls
    Ronnie Williams
    Controls Sales Specialist
  • Joe-Bailey-_-IMG_2681
    Joe Bailey
    Controls Service, Manager
  • Controls
    Dustin Bailey
    Controls Service Tech
  • Jake-Bailey-_-IMG_2674
    Jake Bailey
    Controls Service Tech
  • M-Doorenros-_-IMG_2684
    Mark Doorenbos
    Controls Service Tech

FAQsTroubleshooting FAQs

No. If there is an installation issue, nLight Air (wireless) fixtures and/or devices might offer a solution.

Acuity offers pre-terminated, plenum rated CAT5e cables of various lengths but purchasing CAT5e from Acuity is not required. CAT5e cables installed between nLight devices must be terminated using the TIA / EIA-568-B Cabling Standard Termination. In addition, all CAT5 cables (even those purchased pre-terminated) must be field verified using a Klein LAN Scout or equal (

CAT5 cables are available in many colors, but nLight does not require a specific CAT5 cable color. However, it is recommended that the nLight CAT5 is installed with a different color than the other networked systems within a building.

Another import difference with nLight CAT5 and CAT5 for the building LAN is that nLight CAT5 cable can exceed the 328 feet limit for LAN connections. The maximum cable length for nLight is 1,500 feet from a bridge port to the last device on the CAT5 daisy-chain.

Maybe. If the 0-10V driver / ballast is rated for CLASS 1 or CLASS 2 it will usually be marked on the product. If it is rated for CLASS 1 then 0-10V control wires can be installed in the same conduit or cable with the line voltage feeding those lights. If the driver is only rated for CLASS 2, then the 0-10V control wires must be run separate from the line voltage wiring. Please note that if the 0-10V driver is rated for CLASS 1 the 0-10V control wires must also have a jacket rated at 600V.

Another factor is distance. Running 0-10V control wires in the same conduit or cable as the line voltage feeding those lights for long distances can negatively impact the performance. The recommended maximum wire length for 0-10V is 300 feet.

Training VideosTraining Videos

Sensor Switch JOT

Designed with contractors in mind, the Sensor Switch JOT enabled wireless solution offers a straightforward approach to the installation and pairing of lighting fixtures and controls. Absolutely no 0-10V control wires and no mobile apps are needed with JOT enabled products, allowing for lightning speed installation right out of the box.

Visual Controls Preview

Do you design lighting control systems? Visual Controls 2020 can help deliver a huge leap in your productivity, saving you significant time on your projects.

nLight AIR how to install a NEW Lighting Fixture

This video will walk through the steps to installing an nLight AIR programmed lighting fixture and how to sync the designated device to this nLight AIR app. This program is a simplified wireless lighting control system that gives users the ability to monitor their lighting systems with handheld devices. Managing office ceiling lights or classroom lights can now be done on your phone! nLight AIR is comprised of Acuity Brands commercial lighting fixtures with embedded smart sensors and wireless battery powered wall switches that can be accessed by any handheld device.